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Sector Beats Maps and Venue Access Information

Sector Beat Maps and Venue Access Information

Sector II Map Update

This is the list of the sectors and venues for the Championship.  We are fortunate to be given permission to be on these water ways on the competition days.  There are several locations that are private and not available for previewing or access, other than on the competition days.

Sector Beat Maps:
All maps are for reference only.  Maps are to assist you in getting to a venue or beat area.  Large 14′ Flags will be placed at the top of each beat to help get anglers to the beat.  Wooden Beat Marker Stakes are on river and provide upper and lower numbered markers for beat boundaries.

Important Sector Information:
Please respect the private property and do not trespass. Entering into private property unauthorized could result in loss of fishing license, summons by Eagle County Sheriff, and loss of participation in the championship. Trespassing puts the use of the venue at risk.

Fishing Licenses and Property Waivers:
The Organizer does not provide fishing licenses.  All anglers must purchase their own Colorado Fishing License based on the duration of their stay.  Please have your fishing license on you at all times.  Fishing licenses must be shown by all competitors before the morning buses will leave.
Property Waivers that are required by the land owners will be provided at Registration to complete.

How to Purchase Colorado Fishing License:
Licenses must be on your person during all fishing activities
Online purchase – http://cpw.state.co.us/buyapply/Pages/Fishing.aspx
Buy fishing license from fly shops in town. Many locations sell fishing licenses.

Sectors and Practice Venues:
Sector I Eagle River – Wolcott Wade
Sector II Eagle River – Gypsum Wade
Sector III Colorado River Wade
Sector IV Sylvan Lake Loch Drift Boat
Sector V Blue River Wade

Official Practice Eagle River – Edwards Wade
Official Practice Colorado River – Dotsero Wade
Official Practice Dillon Reservoir – Frisco Loch Drift Boat

Download Sector Beat Maps and Venue Access Information

Sector II Map Update

This information is also available on the championship mobile App

Thank you and please respect the sectors, venues, landowners and agency managers.

If questions, contact me at 970-376-5703.

John Knight
International Organizer

Sector V beats 07-01

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