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Sylvan Lake State Park is a high alpine mountain loch style venue. Sylvan provides serenity in an alpine park perfect for daydreaming. Non-motorized boating and non-electrical camping offer the opportunity for quiet recreation at this gateway to the White River National Forest and the Holy Cross Wilderness.


The loch style practice venue will be Dillon Reservoir at the Town of Frisco in Frisco Bay Marina – drift boats

Teams will be transported to the Town of Frisco and board drift boats at Frisco Bay Marina to practice fish.  Anglers will work to determine the best flies, rods, lines, and techniques to use for high alpine lake fishing.  There will be 4 sessions of practice fishing to provide like morning and late afternoon conditions.


Loch Style

Loch means lake and signifies still water fishing.  Anglers fish in pairs on drift boats.  The term “loch-style” is used to describe a method of still water fishing where the flies are cast, presented, and retrieved ahead of the drift of a boat, as it’s blown across the surface of a lake. The boat drifts broadside to the wind, with the fly fisher(s) seated sideways within the boat and with the wind against their back.

In comparison to fishing from a stationary or anchored boat, loch style fishing allows the fly fisher to effectively cover a much greater area and number of trout within a similar time-frame. Fishing from a drifting boat provides the added advantage of a stealthy approach that significantly reduces the chance of spooking the trout as the fly is usually the first object that they will see.

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